Full Concealer Tattoo Cover Body Stickers Blemish Concealer Professional.

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Full Cover Concealer Tattoo Cover Body Stickers Blemish Concealer Professional Concealer Cream Skin Dark Spots Liquid Foudation  40P


Bullet Points:

1、The main active ingredient is the extraction of plant raw materials. Natural essence is an effective 

formula that will not harm the skin.

2、This concealer completely covers spots, pigmentation, tattoos, etc., for the face and body.
3、The texture is light and evenly applied to allow the skin to breathe freely.

4、The combination of dark and light color contrast can be used to cover the skin concealer in

 different proportions, which can easily cover the skin.

5、The cream is delicate, smooth, non-calorie, durable and waterproof. Increase your confidence.


The main active ingredient is the extraction of plant raw materials. Natural essence is an effective

 formula that will not harm the skin.

This concealer completely covers spots, pigmentation, tattoos, etc., for the face and body.
The texture is light and evenly applied to allow the skin to breathe freely.

The combination of dark and light color contrast can be used to cover the skin concealer in different 

proportions, which can easily cover the skin.

The cream is delicate, smooth, non-calorie, durable and waterproof. Increase your confidence.

Net content: about 10g*2
Shelf life: 3 years
Suitable for skin type: all skin types (Sensitive skin should be tested first)

Step 1: Use a precision tip to squeeze the amount of peas on your fingertips and apply to the sputum.
Step 2: Gently tap and blend into the skin until the desired coverage is achieved


1 set of Concealer