Massager Vibration Face Skin Care Peeling Blackhead Acne Removal ultrasound spatula

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Type:Blackhead Remover; Brand Name:KINGDOM CARES; Size:193*123 *40mm; False Eyelash Craft:Machine Made; Model Number:KD8022A; Material:ABS+metal; Material:ABS+metal; Color:white red; Product name:Ultrasonic blackhead remover; Output voltage:DC5v; Working voltage:100-240V; Size:193*123 *40mm; Rated power:3W; N/W:80g; Charging time:2h; Working time:5min; P/N:KD8022A;

Free shipping Ultrasonic Deep Face Cleaning Skin Scrubber Massager Vibration Face Skin Care Peeling Blackhead Acne Removal ultrasound spatula


Spade Clean beauty instrument, deep massage performed by high-frequency vibration,  improve  microcirculation when  the fat movement , burn fat cells,
cleaved into metabolites excreted, so as to achieve the cleaning effect. Using a special shovel probe, c an effectively enter into the skin 3-7mm.
Apply skin care cream under the skin did not do a thorough cleaning situation,
skincare ingredient is hardly absorbed even the best skin care products have no role. however, the pores of dirt or sebum, o rdinary soap is unable to remove, when the pores are blocked by dirt, the skin loses clarity and black.
By sonic vibrations make special beauty liquid thinner, spray, can emulsify  these dirt and excess sebum, s o clogged in the pores of makeup residue of sweat emulsion, and with splashes eliminate, this cleaning effect more quickly, m ore effective.
To remove the waste, the stratum corneum, fat particles, acne, etc., so that the skin to better absorb. Deep cleansing, achieve health whitening effect.




1. Extreme curvature design

2. Selected high-quality materials

3. CNC Precision Machining

4. Laser cutting perfect shape


4 Great Advantages:

1. Beautiful appearance

 2.2 minion times per second high frequency vibration to deep clean the skin and eliminate wrinkles and a series of skin problems.

2. High quality materials

 Imported stainless steel, good effct of ultrasonic ion.


The use of ultrasound and nanotechnology, so that it is intense friction between the needle 2.2 million timestimes per second, making it vibrate molecules, which can be deep shock dictates intense friction between points, can penetrate the skin of 3-7CM.

4.High quality power supply

Rechargeable, easy to carry, the use of high-quality power supply, convenience and safty.


3 main effects:

1. Deep cleaning    Healthy whitening

Use a 45-degree angle of approach, epidermal cells speed up the metabolic rate to restore normal update rate, promote aging irregular variation soften skin cell shedding, epidermal cells rearrange, and restore skin elasticity of the skin back to the compact, smooth and delicate.

2. Import nutritional, activation skin

Using the principle of thermal effects and overclocking vibration, can promote blood circulation within the dermis, accelerate lymphatic drainage, will discharge the skin toxins deposited in deep, remove aging cells, to avoid excessive accumulation of skin cells, so that water and nutrients to pass more quickly, and enhance cell permeability, enhance product absorb moisture and improve skin moisture, nutrients can sufficient supply to skin, improve skin thoroughly, eliminate dull, make skin whitening.